The UVacuum Cleaner Sucks Up and Zaps All Sorts of Dirt

 - Aug 29, 2011
References: & designbuzz
It isn't always enough to simply vacuum, and the most satisfying sense of sanitation perhaps comes with mopping your floors as well. The UVacuum Cleaner strives to combine both of these tasks into one streamlined appliance, so that you only need to visit every tile once each time you set out to tidy.

Galen Eliason-Carey designed a long and sleek black hoover that elegantly stands upright when it's set to charge on its dock. A mere two buttons make the UVacuum Cleaner easy to operate, offering the user the choice of vacuuming, UV sanitizing or both at once. A 15-cubic-inch head has the capacity to store dust and dirt particles between empties and 30 low voltage UV LED lights beam down to destroy 99% of germs and all of the other stuff that you can't see.