The SteriPen UV Water Purification Pens Are Perfect For Outdoor Use

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: steripen & gizmag
The SteriPen water purifiers, offered up by Hydro-Photon, have been appreciated by lovers of clean and pure water for some time now, but the latest version of the product is even better than before thanks to the addition of all new UV water purification technologies based on Ultraviolet Reflection principles.

These UV water purification kits, set to be offered starting in the month of August, will combine a Quantum purifier, 2-liter RapidUVR bottle, a 40 micron pre-filter and a nifty neoprene carry case. This setup allows the Steripen kit to purify two liters of water in as little as 90 seconds.

What's great about this UV water purification kit is that it guarantees 50 liters worth of purifying from four AA batteries, and 150 liters from lithium batteries, meaning you have the flexibility to choose how much longevity you need.