Using The Internet To Get What You Want

 - Jan 4, 2007
Amazingly people are getting what they really want through others online. The world wide web really does bring us together, and there is a trend of people helping each other to do amazing things. We've all seen the example of My Red Paper Clip, but new examples continue to spring up.

Most recently, a young girl in Australia is making her dream come true to visit the UK. She is asking for others to vote for her entry into a competition. She is also using the angle that a trip to the UK will enable her to visit her sisiter. The outpouring of help is amazing and is putting her in contention of the prize.

See her plea here and you can help her too, "the world wide web is really bringing us together to share and care. I am an aussie girl that would really love your help! I am desperately wanting to go to the Uk to see my sister and i am hoping you can help me by voting for me here This is a fun tongue-in-cheek site about the cricket!! The aussie and the poms always have a banter about it! The winner gets a flight from Australia to England and I would dearly love to win it to see my gorgeous sister. So PLEASE if you can send a vote my way!! Thankyou"

Simply amazing what people power can do.. truly makeing dreams a reality