The USB Animatronic Squirming Tentacle Moves Around

 - Dec 8, 2012
References: thinkgeek & thegreenhead
Your laptop is full of USB ports, many of which go unused every day, so why not take full advantage of those with the USB Animatronic Squirming Tentacle?

This device uses power from your computer when you plug it into your USB port, and instantly begins wriggling and twirling, as though it has come to life. These tentacles are covered with little suction cups and have a curled tip, making them look just like octopus tentacles that are squirming around. If you get a few and connect them to every USB port on your computer, your laptop will start to look like an alien that is about to squirm its way off of your desk.

While super fun and strange, the USB Animatronic Squirming Tentacle doesn’t actually store any information.