'Drivewise' is a Usage-Based Insurance Program Available to Albertans

 - Jun 21, 2016
References: allstate & allstate
Allstate Canada recently launched a usage-based insurance program called 'Drivewise' in Alberta. In recent years, usage-based insurance has become extremely popular among millennials due to the generation's love of technology and personalized pricing. Now Allstate Canada is offering its own form of usage-based auto insurance in an effort to attract younger drivers.

Drivewise is a usage-based insurance program that can be purchased for private passenger vehicles in Alberta. The program is designed to give driver's more control over their rates by offering discounts for those who exhibit safe driving habits. All of this is determined by a wireless telematics device, which is installed in the vehicle in order to capture data about how the car is driver.

The new program is primarily designed to appeal to millennials who gravitate towards custom pricing plans that are influenced by technology. As President and CEO of Allstate Insurance of Canada Ryan Michel explains, "Drivewise is a personalized program for the modern driver that allows users to monitor their driving habits through our online portal and could help them learn to adopt safer practices behind the wheel."