Ursla and Bertha Displays Notifications and News in Full 3D

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: petitinvention.wordpress & tuvie
Ursla and Bertha is a unique concept phone from designer Mac Funamizu that takes mobile 3D to the next level. Ursla and Bertha is a two-part device consisting of a mobile phone and a projector pendant. The pendant is designed to be worn around the neck and projects important notifications and other information right in front of your face in full 3D.

Ursla and Bertha projects the information in front of you as sort of a "heads up." Accessing the information and controlling the phone is still done using the physical phone itself. There are already projector attachments for smartphones and 3D phones in the works, so a design such as this may actually have a shot at going from concept to reality sometime soon. Talk about accessorizing with your smartphone.