Urban Landscape by Matteo Straforini Follows the Sun to Provide City Data

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: matteostraforini.it & ecofriend
Tourism boards around the world would be wise to check out 'Urban Landscape.' Urban Landscape is a solar-powered information station designed by Matteo Straforini. Straforini's creation has a solar sail that rotates with the sun to provide optimal power all day long.

Urban Landscape has a touchscreen display for easy navigating between menus. This navigation may seem a little too fancy and techie, but all the technology it requires is already in use today. Buying a handful of these units would probably be an expensive investment initially. They would eventually pay for themselves as they require no electricity and could take the place of human information station representatives.

Self-serving information kiosks are already in use in travel destinations around the world. A design such as the Urban Landscape would be the natural evolution of the information station.