The 'Up-Chair' Borrows Its Design from the Famous Paradox

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: ballendat & freshome
The Up-Chair is a sleek, fluidly designed piece of furniture that owes its interesting conception to a famous mathematical paradox.

A Mobius strip is a long strip of paper that's twisted once and then connected to itself by the ends. Whereas the strip of paper had two sides before being connected, the Mobius strip has only one side. Taking a lesson from this twisted paradox, the Up-Chair, a design by Martin Ballendat for Tonon, an Italian furniture company, mimics the Mobius paradox.

The Up-Chair's back and arms are composed of a single shape that twists near the shoulder area. If a consumer were to run their hand down one arm, underneath the chair and up the inside of the other arm, their hand would end up back where it started without ever lifting it, just like on a Mobius strip.