The Unshrinkit Solution Can Unshrink Clothes in Just 30 minutes

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: amazon & droold
The Unshrinkit detergent is formulated to unshrink clothes in just 30 minutes to repair the damage caused by improper care like washing natural fiber garments in warm water or placing them in the dryer.

The Unshrinkit detergent works with cashmere, wool and even wool blend clothing to relax the fibers to bring them back to their original state rather than requiring owners to get rid of them.

Consumers are becoming thriftier as the cost of living in urban locations increases, which is seeing many seek out ways of extending the life of essential items like garments. This is being acknowledged with new product solutions like the Unshrinkit detergent to unshrink clothes and prevent the need to purchase new items prematurely.