The Freeloader Fork Lets You Eat Off of Everyone Else's Plate

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: alwaysfits & alwaysfits
If you believe in share and share alike, the Freeloader Fork is for you. A desire to taste your companion’s dinner entrée, desserts, or salad exists in everyone, thus, the Freeloader Fork is calling all freeloaders, as this invention is made especially for you. The Freeloader Fork will reach your companion’s dinner entrée or dessert nearly 2ft away! Never again reach over someone else’s plate, accidentally drop food on the table, or move plates around to taste someone else’s food.

This easy-to-use metal Freeloader Fork looks and feels like a normal fork, but it telescopically extends to a maximum length of 21 inches. So go ahead and sneakily taste other’s desserts, entrée’s and salads, while also enjoying your own meal.