This Unmanned Helicopter is Designed For Crop-Dusting Work

Yamaha has gone ahead and launched an innovative unmanned helicopter, dubbed the Fazer R, that is designed to be used for spraying crops over large swathes of agricultural land.

This unmanned helicopter is designed to offer improved power compared to its predecessor, with its dual cylinder setup allowing it to enjoy an increased power output of 20.6 Kilowatts. This helicopter is more than capable of carrying up to 30 kg of seeds or 32 liters of liquid spray, which is sufficient to spray or seed up to 10 acres of land. The helicopter also offers an increased wireless control range and an aerodynamic design for efficient flight.

Precise and accurate, this unmanned helicopter is well and truly designed to be a farmer's best friend in the skies thanks to its ability to spray crops with a degree of speed and precision that isn't possible manually.