Kengo Kuma Uses Multiple Timber Slats for the University of Tokyo

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: & designboom
For one of the buildings at the University of Tokyo, Kengo Kuma has used multiple timber slats on the outside of the structure. The architect was aiming to keep more of an organic-looking facade here, instead of using traditional glass or concrete materials.

The building as a result looks more like a piece of art than a university lecture hall. Moreover, Kuma placed the slats on an angle, so nothing is extremely symmetrical here. Underneath the slats is a glass material, however one doesn't see much of this when looking up from below. This was more necessary because the slatted wood doesn't exactly provide the best protection from the wind and rain.

Always praised for his unique designs Kengo Kuma approaches this project with the University of Tokyo in the same light. Photo Credits: designboom,