The Y Design Office 'Unit Fusion' Project in Hong Kong is a 75-Story High-Rise

 - Jan 9, 2012
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Hong Kong homeowners and architectural enthusiasts alike will be keenly interested in the proposal of the Y Design Office 'Unit Fusion' project. The company is wrapping up its design process and hopes to highlight the issue of a diminishing identity within Hong Kong's recent economical development. Simply phrased, yes, the city has progressed greatly on paper however the communities of Hong Kong have barely created an image for themselves in today's modern society.

The solution proposed by Y Design is to create a 75-story high-rise residence that will twist itself into the sky while ensuring that all of its inhabitants are provided with diversified units that cater to their desires. This exceptional will set Hong Kong onto an architectural path to innovation and recognition. Potential owners will be able to choose from a variety of unit sizes and will be given high freedom in the development of their interiors.

Y Design Office has set its sights high and its conceptual map has theoretically set the bar at an equal level. Unit Fusion, if completed, will live up to its name by fusing Hong Kong's current economic growth with globally identifiable integrity.