Bill's Restaurants and Marmite Teamed Up to Create a Unique Menu

Marmite recently teamed up with Bill's Restaurants, a chain of restaurants across the UK, to offer a unique menu inspired by the condiment.

While condiments are often essential parts of meals and menus, they rarely get time to be in the spotlight, especially when overshadowed by the foods that they enhance. But now Marmite is being given its own time to shine at Bill's Restaurants, in the form of a limited-edition menu that includes The Marmite Rarebit and even a Marmite Mary cocktail.

Marmite is considered to have an acquired taste and the fact that people either love it or hate it has been a huge part of the brand's marketing campaigns. To gain access to the secret menu, those who love the condiment will be required to speak the correct password: "spread the love."