Unique Bottle Design Lets You Choose and Change its Exterior

 - Dec 8, 2009   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: kisoub
Wow, this is a great drink bottle because you can change the covers, so you can have different themes i.e. lakers or dodgers.

This is better then dull Sigg bottles that are limited to only only one design. wWith this drinks bottle I can have loads of designs, so I am not stuck with the same dull design.

So in the future I can have diamond encrusted covers made by Marc Jacobs.

Implications - These customizable bottles are great way to showcase personal tastes and styles. This is an increasingly important element for consumers, and companies are continuing to marry style and practicality to cater to this desire. The bottles are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer who values individuality. And let's not forget the young student or camper whose water bottle is indistinguishable and easily lost!