The New Unilver HQ Employs an Array of Sensors For Employee Health

 - May 29, 2018
References: roi-nj & fastcompany
Employees at the new Unilever HQ now have the ability to control the temperature, lights and general environment all through their personal smartphones. The new technologically driven space is just one part of the consumer giant's new office park and the brand's plan to be carbon positive by 2030. This ecological focus is further bolstered by the decision to swap out old inefficient windows and lights, as well as installing solar panels on the roof.

The technological elements of the new Unilever HQ come thanks to OVG, a Dutch developer, and the installation of 15,000 sensors across the 325,000 square foot space. These sensors measure temperature, light, carbon dioxide, humidity and presence throughout the building. The ability to measure human presence in the building is one of the most efficient applications of the sensors as it can allow the company to shut down whole floors when there is no one present in them.

Image Credit: Albert Vecerka-Esto/OVG/Unilver