Unicorn Rangers

 - Nov 7, 2007
References: unicorn-cove & unicornrangers.org
Headquartered in Westbrook Maine, the Unicorn Rangers may just be America's first Psychic Police Force. Under command of the charismatic Ahura Zakhuur Deliza, the Rangers stand ready to break spells, exorcise negative energies, and warn civilians about the dangers of psychic predators.

Ahura Z., aka "The Unicorn", is a gentle giant of a man with an aesthetic akin to "Mr. T meets Dog the Bounty Hunter", (Not that Dog would want to run into Mr. T right now) and he is one enterprising fellow. His Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics is on the grow, and his recently incepted record label Unicorn1 is promoting a string of releases, including Ahura Z.'s and wife Sinari's electronica-infused spell grooves, Pisces Projeckt.