The Unfolded Sofa Rests Upon a Layered Base That's Pretty and Practical

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
Often thought of as heavy objects, couches have been gradually becoming formally reduced to express a sense of lightness. The Unfolded Sofa certainly sheds its predecessors' volume in a way that actually bulks up its functional appeal.

Michael Egan's piece relies structurally on a set of fine metal supports. These could give it a levitating look if it weren't for an additional design decision. Molded plywood was incorporated in four separate panels that gradually curve from bottom to top as the pieces approach the underside of the armrests.

The aesthetic result is a lightweight layering effect that emphasizes the horizontal plane for an original style of lounge furniture. What's more, the Unfolded Sofa's strata can become ideal shelf ledges for the storage of assorted household items.