'Undz' Boutique in Montreal Sells Products in a 1960s Dessert Stand

 - Dec 4, 2011
References: retail.undz.org & retail.undz.org
The Canadian company Undz recently opened a small, but superb men's underwear stand made out of an actual 1960s ice cream stand. They sell colorful men's underwear directly from the bowl and gives them tempting names: Pistachio, Strawberry, Apple and more.

Montreal is a beautiful place in November, especially since winter is close and the snow is accumulating. If you're shopping through St-Catherine’s Street, you'll find the cutest ice cream stand in town. Undz staff, dressed as vintage waiters, also pack the goods in two crazy ways. For one, some of the underwear comes with actual brown waxed paper wrapping (exactly like we used to have at the meat market) with a simple fluorescent sticker to seal the deal. Furthermore, when you buy four or more you have their signature fluorescent tissue box available in three colors.

Undz is one good reason to visit Montreal this holiday season.