The 'Unadorned' Photography Celebrates Full-Figured Female Bodies

 - May 22, 2014
References: facebook & featureshoot
Unadorned is a photo series, put together by German photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, which explores unconventional ideas of beauty. It's common knowledge that before the mid-20th century idealization of slender, small-waisted bodies, softer, rounded and more full female bodies were considered sensual and even desirable.

Unadorned consists of photos of fuller-figured models displaying their nude bodies despite societal judgments that label them as 'not beautiful' due to oppressive standards imposed on women today. The models lie on tables, chairs and heaps of books. Their breasts, stomachs and torsos are exaggerated so as to come across of objects of desire.

Fullerton-Batten's intention with this photo series was to revolt against the culture of feminine photography that focuses on slim female figures and ignores fuller figures, condemning them as undesirable and unwanted. The 'Unadorned' photos celebrate the beauty and vitality of every human body.