Roshan Hakkim's Umbra Time Teller Relies on Shadows, Not Hands

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: roshanhakkim & yankodesign
The Umbra Time Teller wall clock is inspired by the past. It takes the concept of the sundial and applies it to a contemporary setting, and instead of relying on traditional hands to tell the time, it boasts shadowed lines to show the hour and minute at any given moment.

Designed by Roshan Hakkim, the Umbra Time Teller clock doesn't rely on the sun, however, to tell the time. Instead, it uses two strips of LED lights that revolve around a short needle in the middle of the clock. The needle casts two shadows on the surface of the clock depending on the position of both lights. These two shadows represent either the hour or the minute, giving the clock an overall clean and simple look.