UltraNFC Labels and Tags Monitor Temperatures of Perishables

 - Feb 10, 2017
References: freshplaza
When shipping perishable foods, it's essential to keep accurate and up to date information on metrics like temperature and time, and UltraNFC's two new tags use technology to do just that. The two NFC-enabled tags, called the UltraNFC Paksense and the SmartTraxx GO, allow producers to take data at every step in the supply chain, giving unprecedented analytical information that can be used to improve a company's shipping system as a whole.

The UltraNFC Paksense is particularly appealing for companies, as its technology is compatible with any Android device. That means that any person involved in the supply chain, from farmers to truck drivers to last mile recipients, can access the data surrounding that shipment of perishable items simply by tapping their phone to the thin, low-profile tags.