Build a 17ft High Ghandi

 - Jul 13, 2008
References: blog.makezine
Paper crafts are boring, right?  Not when you make a 17 foot tall cardboard model of Gandhi!

This was made by Joseph Delappe, an Artist in Residence at Eyebeam in New York City. He also embarked on a 26-day Second Life re-enactment of the 420-mile Salt March.

Most interestingly, Delappe has posted detailed instructions on Instructables for replicating the feat. Yes you can make this bad boy yourself!  I can imagine it is not the easiest thing in to do, but the resulting product is remarkable.  My thoughts: Have fun finding #### loads of cardboard…

This is what Delappe had to say, "After walking with Gandhi in Second Life for 240 miles I decided it would be interesting to extract my avatar from this online world and recreate him in monumental scale. This instructable takes you through the process of creating the 17’ tall cardboard Gandhi using a variety of readily accessible (mostly free!) software tools, cardboard and a hot glue gun. The production of this sculpture took a total of 4 weeks, 6 days a week, 9-11 hour days with the assistance of an intern for two-three days of each week."