‘Ugly Renaissance Babies' Paints a Hilarious Picture

Children are one of life’s many wonders, with smiles that can brighten any day and adorable infectious laughter bound to make any onlooker giggle -- but unfortunately, these are not the infants you’ll find in the ‘Ugly Renaissance Babies’ Tumblr.

Bearing the subtitle, "The kids aren’t alright," this hilarious blog is exactly what you’d guess after hearing its name. Beginning in November 2011, the site operates as a collection of Renaissance era paintings which show slightly ill-favored babies. Ranging from classic works of art to obscure portraits, the collection offers a variety of bizarre baby depictions, from a child who looks eerily like Frida Kahlo, to a baby Jesus who could pass as comedian Bruce Vilanch.

With Tumblr blogs devoted to hilarious oddities popping up every day, it’s often hard to keep track. ‘Ugly Renaissance Babies,’ however, has definitely made it to the top of my list, and will provide you with many laughs throughout your day.