's Cowbag Confesses to Knowing All

 - Jul 20, 2008
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OK so I have been a bad girl - of course I knew what the Crashed UFO Trend was all about as I have been working on it for months... SORRY...

I did feel terrible lying yesterday if it helps? Cow PR are helping launch a new car for General Motors (Vauxhall) called the Ingisnia. As Clarkson just said on Top Gear, "It is a beautiful looking machine."

Cow started seeding the story yesterday and it has indeed gone global with the level of interest crashing the GM Press website which was linked to from a few posts. I have also been filming a making of film which will be live from Tuesday on here of course :-)

Now excitingly, tomorrow something REALLY amazing happens but I am saying nothing except it looks fabulous! Watch this space...