The Cutting Board by Kim Strassner & Mike Pararas Offers Customization

If you're in the mood for some personalized kitchenware techniques, then these typographic chopping blocks are a great option for putting your own individual stamp on your everyday kitchen tools.

While cutting boards are often solely chosen on practicality and function, why not add some aesthetic appeal to your everyday kitchenware and customize it with some eclectic touches? The Personalized Cutting Board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas is handcrafted utilizing Maple Wood and Mineral Oil, and can be tailor-made to include any phrase, name or pair of names you desire.

A perfect way to add individuality to your traditionally plain and mundane kitchenware products, these Personalized Cutting Boards will definitely make the process of cooking food much more visually eclectic and amusing for both the cook and their guests.