2-Way Secure Wireless Information Exchange From Proxense

 - Jan 4, 2009
References: proxense & bendbulletin
What do health care, gambling and retail outlets have in common?

If you answered that they all take your money, you’re wrong--well, you’re right, but it’s not the answer I’m looking for.

What they have in common is that soon you may be using a small pocket-sized bit of technology that could enable you to exchange your health care information in a hospital, tell your slot machine how much cash you have left to gamble with when you sit down in front of the one-armed bandit and order your favorite latte for you the minute you walk through the door of your favorite coffee shop.

This cool little mini-wallet could be the wave of the future if John Giobbi and Matt Davio of Proxense have their way.

According to Giobbi, "This could be your virtual wallet, your keys and your identification."