'Two Eggs for You' Prevents the Overbuying of Poultry Biproduct

As economical as buying food in bulk can be, it ends up being a total waste of money if half of your groceries go bad. 'Two Eggs for You,' however, is the charming repackaging of a pair of shells, designed so that singles won't worry about wasting the majority of purchased 6 and 12 packs.

The concept is well suited for those who live in households void of enthusiastic egg-eaters, or simply people with small refrigerators. To add further convenience to such a delightful and compact product, the creator has even included recipes for dishes like French toast inside the box to inspire a little culinary eggsperimentation.

Of course, more than the idea behind 'Two Eggs for You' by Conor Whelan should be considered. The graphic design of the packaging makes the cardboard an paper combination look sharp an utterly scrumptious.