Movie Studios Contend With Instant Guerrilla Film Reviews

 - Jul 18, 2009
References: reuters
Twitter has certainly revolutionized the speed with which Internet users can communicate with each other--a phenomenon Reuters refers to as the "Twitter effect." Movie studios in particular are seeing Twitter in new eyes as they're forced to contend with the consequences of instant guerrilla film reviews.

"Has everything speeded up? The answer is yes," Universal president of marketing and distribution Adam Fogelson told Reuters. "Depending on how big your opening day audience is, word-of-mouth starts playing a factor immediately," Fogelson continued.

The "Twitter effect" comes into play for movie studios as moviegoers tweet their responses to the film--sometimes while they're still in the theater. "If people don't like the movie now on Friday it can die by Saturday," Paul Dergarabedian, the president of tracking firm Box Office, told Reuters.