Twist Pencil Sharpener Hones in on the Materials Necessary for the Task

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Just think about how much manufacturing waste could be reduced if the Twist Pencil Sharpener was the standard produced and purchased writing utensil. Even your most compact existing examples of the object comprise at least three components, namely the blade, the fastener and a pinchable plastic body.

Inspired by the fan-shaped shavings of freshly filed pencils that keep to curled conical shapes after removal, designer Tianyu Wu came up with an elegant and surprisingly simple solution for the sketcher's toolkit. It is a single little strip of stainless steel, the width of a writing utensil's tip, enhanced with one finely honed edge and rolled into a funnel shape. Grip the Twist Pencil Sharpener between two fingers, insert your pencil, turn it slowly and see how effective a minimal concept can be.