The Tuyvo Ashtray is Meant to Show How Deadly Smoking Is

 - Apr 16, 2016
References: yankodesign
It seems as though people still require a reminder that smoking kills and the latest reminder comes in the form of the Tuyvo Ashtray. Shaped like a big 7.62 caliber bullet sleeve, the Tuyvo Ashtray is made out of concrete. Essentially treating cigarettes as gun powder, the social message sent by this design is pretty big.

Designed by Slava Balbek, the top of the Tuyvo Ashtray is carved with a simple saying in Ukrainian, where she is from. It reads, "Smoking Kills." Since a lot of teens and young adults are still taking up the horrible habit, this ashtray is cool enough to grab their attention and strong enough to leave an impression. Not to mention it's shareable enough to inspire others to promote it on social media.