This Flow Chart Helps Cooks Decide How to Cook Their Holiday Bird

 - Nov 20, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
Turkey basting is often a fine art that pro and at-home chefs take pride in doing well to create a delicious tasting bird for holiday feasts. To help new cooks and those wishing to get better aquatinted with the concept of brining is this full proof 'Should You Brine Your Turkey?' quiz by She Knows that helps take the guess work out of preparing a turkey.

The 'Should You Brine Your Turkey?' is a handy flow chart-style quiz that foodies can take before preparing their bird. The infographic is a visual quiz that asks readers a series of questions to lead them to the proper method to cook the type of bird they have. For example the quiz asks questions such as is the bird frozen, how close is it to the meal and where it came from to determine if it should be brined either wet or dry.