These Bedazzled & Wooden Stormtrooper Helmets Designs are Unique

 - Nov 12, 2015
References: sobadsogood
Incredibly, among the slew of examples, there are still designs of Stormtrooper helmets that can amaze, with this 'Star Wars Project Legion' collection exemplifying that wonderfully. These redesigned helmets put to shame other simple replicas, creating new and unique ways of showcasing the iconic costume piece.

The collection includes 300 designs made by 300 different artists, fans and even celebrities from around the world. From a sliced open watermelon to a villain-topping ice cream cone and an evil-camouflaging Mickey Mouse, the pieces are incredibly creative. Even the mediums are unique, one made entirely from wood, giving the space soldier an artisan and homey look.

The fire hydrant and toy truck Stromtrooper helmets are young and fun remakes, while pieces like the skull-eating helmet bring about darker thoughts.