Trino by Daniele Silvestri Encourages Cohesive Meals

 - Jun 5, 2011
It's a delight for your palette to be fed a broad range of foods for dinner, yet Trino by Daniele Silvestri reminds people that maybe this is not what delights your digestive system too.

This charming collection of bowls is actually three dishes in one. Each arranged in the form of a triangle, the vessels are jointed together by web-like connectors. There appear to be two different types of crockery sets including wide-brim bowls and narrow-brim bowls, each bound to two others of its type, and on the reverse sides, one can make use of two sorts of small dishes.

Imagine a dinner party where several different sauces are grouped together, as are toppings for a salad. Trino by Daniele Silvestri can keep like things together and forms an intricate network of atom-like platters across the surface of the table.