The Trinity Two-in-One is a Multitasking Tool for the Artistic Hiker

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: yeongkeun
The designer of the Trinity two-in-one device recognizes that exploring nature and taking photographs don't always go hand in hand. The fact of the matter is that when certain spectacular landscapes are difficult to access, one might choose to leave a fancy digital SLR at home.

Yeong Keun Jeong's solution was to create a walking stick that can transform into a camera tripod. The wilderness walker is afforded physical support as he tramps through forests and climbs up mountains with the assistance of an ergonomic handle caps the thickset cane. Once you have stumbled upon a particularly impressive vista, just pull the handgrip off of the Trinity and splay the pole into three parts. This forms a stable stand for your photography equipment, enabling you to expertly capture the stunning panorama before you.