These Tribal 'Spearrings' are Shaped Like Mini Spears

 - Jun 6, 2013
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For those who enjoy tribal-inspired fashion, these mini tribal earrings shaped like spears could be your next dashing accessory.

Made from luxurious 22 karat gold, these 'Spearrings' don't skimp on elegance. Unlike a conventional flat-topped stud earring, the 'Spearrings' are a super-thin bar of gold that are secured with several rubber bead-like backings. These rubber beads come in white, black, red, tan and blue and perfectly mimic the traditional bead artwork many Eastern and African spears would have. On top of each 'Spearring' is an arrow-head stopper that sits over the ear.

While from the front these earrings don't look like anything more than a simple gold stud, from the size you can see the long 'Spearring' body and the colorful beads that slide up and down the earring as the wearer moves.