This Trevor Vaugh Design isn't What it Appears to Be

Dublin, Ireland-based industrial designer Trevor Vaugh has over a decade of experience coming up with furniture concepts, designing medical devices and creating consumer products. His well-honed skills and talents are evident in a recent creation of his that he calls 'NAL.'

Essentially, NAL is a coat-stand. This is where its similarities with most other coat-stands end though, as it is designed to look like a floor lamp. It's actually quite humorous when one thinks about it. If one were to walk into a friend's house and see that friend toss their heavy coat unto what looks like a delicate lamp, they could be forgiven for thinking that friend careless or destructive. Still, Trevor Vaugh's design is quite sturdy, as well as elegant.

Running up from the ground up is a yellow stem, while at the top is a yellow box. This gives it a look that is both funky and minimalist.