Trestle Legs Table is the Short-on-Cash Solution to Small Spaces

 - Sep 25, 2009
References: & contemporist
I know a guy (honestly, not a friend of a friend, but an actual friend) who could have sorely used the Trestle Legs Table. For almost half a year after moving into his bachelor pad, he converted one of his moving cardboard boxes into a table. Imagine what six months would do to a not-so-sturdy or easily-cleanable cardboard box. Yikes!

Austrian design studio undpartner(punkt)at’s Barbara Gollackner and Michael Walder have devised a simple solution to this universal problem of little space and/or money: the Trestle Legs Table. According to the designers it "hardly [needs] any space when not in use, [is] easy to put up, and with [its] straps can even be hung on the wall—a universe of design away [from] the dusty sawhorses in your Granddad’s workshop."