This Trent Parke Photography Series Boasts Dotted Details

 - Oct 10, 2014
References: magnumphotos & lanciatrendvisions
This Trent Parke photography series is inspired by classic impressionist works by famed artists like Claude Monet himself. Titled 'The Camera is God', this image series captures human subjects who appear blurred and distant.

Each of these portraits were actually captured on the street and feature images of strangers that the artist found intriguing or interesting.

Examining the idea of large urban crowds, this Trent Parke photography series proves that individuals can often get lost in a sea of others who appear just like them. This is the idea behind the artist's dotted motifs that mimic Monet's lily pond paintings. This art series embodies a feeling of ambiguity and illustrates the anonymity one feels when living in a large metropolis.