Sampling of Lego Star Trek Ships and Sci-Fi Transportation

 - May 8, 2009   Updated: May 16 2011
References: dvice
What do Trekkers (just learned that is the preferred title of Star Trek fans) do between episodes of Star Trek or new movies? They play with Lego blocks. But they play with Lego blocks and make Star Trek replicas.

Here is a collection of Star Trek transportation machines. These were hand built, came from the Star Trek universe, and are awesome.

Implications - Sci-fi is an attractive theme for kids who want their toys to be out of this world. With the abundance of movies and cartoons inspired by this genre, brands have a lot of sources to work with when creating new products. Imaginations of the future are endless for kids, so toy companies can be as imaginative as they want with their products in order to sell that fantastical element.