Stealthy Wireless Equipment Disguises Preserve Community Decorum

 - Jan 7, 2009
References: utilitycamo & azcentral
Fake tree installations to camouflage wireless communication and Wi-Fi towers are preferred by many communities. Some of the solutions are elegant and some are downright pathetic.

Logging is big business where I’m from. The law says that a strip of trees has to be left near roads that transverse logging areas. The loggers refer to them as "idiot strips," since they are a sort of trompe l’oeil for the ignorant. It seems the general concept of fooling the eye of the uninformed is universal.

Most of the camouflage shown in the gallery above consists of big plastic-coated towers with fake branches attached to them. Some are more realistic than others. Some appear to have contracted plastic tree diseases, but they all seem a bit lacking when compared to the real thing.

It reminds me of the Forest Service’s attempts to hide the fact that Mt. St. Helen’s had erupted by painting the freshly exploded rocks on the roadsides to look ‘old.’

Go figure.

Some of the camouflage in the video above is more convincing; some, is downright elaborate, even attractive. I’m not sure what I think of all the effort being expended to keep things from looking like what they are, but it sure is interesting!

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