'Travels with My Spoon' Features Misshapen and Immortalized Utensils

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: tithi.info & mocoloco
The disposable plastic spoon is celebrated in a new light with the 'Travels with My Spoon' series. Tithi Kutchamuch trotted across the globe, collecting expendable utensils and using them for unlikely purposes. Applying heat to these items, the artist watched as they contorted in form, melting and changing shape so that they begin to lose their eating implement identities. On occasion, Tithi would even heat them together, causing a small collection to fuse into creative sculptural items.

Organic forms like flowers, clovers and weeds began to emerge from the ruined utensils, becoming unexpected things of beauty. The 'Travels with My Spoon' is a collection of these works that have been cast in oxidized silver metal, giving new allure, an extended lifespan and an artistic purpose to single-use polymer tools.