The iClever 'BoostCube' Travel Wall Charger Optimizes for Fast Charging

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: amazon & amzn
Being that many consumers own multiple devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, the iClever 'BoostCube' travel wall charger is designed to automatically detect the kind of device attached and charge accordingly.

Different smart devices need different voltage levels in order to charge as quickly and efficiently as possible. As such, the iClever 'BoostCube' is capable of charging up to three devices at the same time with each of them optimized at the perfect voltage.

The SmartID technology within the iClever 'BoostCube' allows it to sense the device attached and adjust the power output accordingly. Being that the smartphone(s) or tablet(s) attached are charged appropriately, the iClever 'BoostCube' travel wall charger allows users to get back to work quicker and without worrying about damaging their devices.