A Campaign for 'Let's Do It Ukraine!' Imbues Trash with Evil

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Ads for the 'all-Ukrainian cleaning' hope to encourage citizens to clean up the country using the visages of long dead dictators. Each of the print ads depict a different dictator's face imprinted on a piece of trash. Along with the image of evil-imbued garbage is the message, "Get rid of it before it gets rid of us!"

The ads were commissioned to promote the civic anti-litter movement of 'Let's Do It!' The events ask people to volunteer their time and pick up the trash. In this case, ad agency Tabasco created the ads to promote 'Let's Do It Ukraine!' The ad agency hoped to reduce complacency attaching the hatred that people have of the deceased villains to litter. Tabasco used the visages of Hitler and Osama in order to inspire citizens to help clean up the streets of Ukraine.