Track My Mac Helps to Locate and Lock a Missing Laptop

 - May 11, 2016
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German-based company Kromtech Alliance Corportaion developed an iPhone application that is called 'Track My Mac.' The app is designed to facilitate the process of recovering lost or stolen Macs with an iPhone. If your laptop goes missing, you can lock or unlock it remotely or retrieve its location. You can even make an iSight snapshot of the person who is using it.

The app is absolutely free to use and works together with the Mac OS application. This application runs in the background to ensure the tracking process and does not require any investments.

Track My Mac includes the standard tracking tool that is built right into the Mac OS X. With this tool, the owner can get geolocation details of the missing Mac when it goes online. But at the same time Track My Mac expands the tracking process with the Lock Screen feature. This feature helps the user to remotely log in or out from the Mac system. For example you can unlock your iMac that is located in New York while you are in Boston.

Moreover, the app makes an iSight photo of the thief for every entry attempt. Reporting your Mac as stolen is the only one condition that you should fulfill.

The tracking details are collected both in the Track My Mac app and in the Kromtech account. When the details are available, you can provide the police with all necessary information for the recovery process. At the moment, this feature is far more advanced than anything available for the Mac OS X.