The Toyota ‘Social Snap Shot' App Personalizes Your News Feed

If you find yourself wasting precious hours going through unnecessary status updates, photo albums and wall posts from people you haven’t seen since high school, the new Toyota ‘Social Snap Shot’ app is the perfect solution.

Created to help promote the new Yaris, the social network editing app is all about cutting out the excess, and leaving the stuff you actually want and need—just like the company’s small car model aims to do. Social Snap Shot takes only the best of your closest Facebook friends’ status updates, photos, links and events, and delivers it to your phone or computer in a short and fun video. Gone are the days of endless scrolling, as the app lets you watch the hottest Facebook happenings unfold before your eyes like a movie.

The Toyota Social Snap Shot is the perfect time-saving app, letting you in on all the juicy Facebook gossip and events you care about, and sparing you the rest.