Torsos by Ruadh DeLone is Destructively Abstract

 - Jan 27, 2012
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The photo series titled ‘Torsos’ by Ruadh DeLone is another example of surreal portraiture work from this photographer. Once again, children are the subject of his experimental manipulations. Instead of focusing on themes like premature aging or iconic tributes, however, this shoot is much more abstract.

Through expert photo manipulations, the children in the series Torsos by Ruadh DeLone look like they are crumbling before the viewer’s eyes. Each image centers on the bust of a child, hence the name of the series. In a way, this shoot ties in with DeLone’s ‘Never Grow Old’ series since there is also a sense of the inevitability of death and destruction.

Quiet but strong, Torsos by Ruadh DeLone features different personalities, which he titles Gladiator, American late 50s and more.