The Tornado Body Dryer Makes the Use of Towels Obsolete

 - Dec 18, 2014
References: tornadobodydryer & fancy
The hairdryer and hand dryer will have to step up their game after witnessing the Tornado Body Dryer. Although clearly meant for a larger scale dry, it really rethinks the whole drying process all together. If the Tornado Body Dryer becomes common in the home, it would make the use of towels a thing of the past. Granted, hand dryers have yet to be installed in private settings.

Meant to be installed in showers, people will be able to step out in fine form after using the Tornado Body Dryer. As the manufacturer states, "It's a high-tech engineered dryer that moves evenly from the top to the bottom, surrounding you in a blanket of swirling warm air to dry your entire body--front, back and sides no matter which way you sit or stand."