Topple Shelf Mimics the Motions of Your Favorite Reading Rocking Chair

 - Feb 21, 2013
Interior coordination does not need to start and end with style and color, for the Topple Shelf can be matched with your family room seating by the way that it moves. The Pulpoproducts item has been dreamed up by Julian Appelius to have an unconventional rounded base that enables it to oscillate.

With this piece, you can have it and your rocking chair set up side-by-side, enabling you to read the titles of your little home library along with your own gentle sway in your recliner. The seesawing storage system may not afford comfort for its contents, but it certainly embodies a lovely lightheartedness that so few furnishings do.

Made from perforated panels or bright red powder-coated steel, the Topple Shelf is a bold and iconic piece that would render any room playful.