'Toppies' Have Been Deployed to Incheon Airport to Find Drugs

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: io9
Toppies (short form of "Tomorrow's Puppies") is the colloquial nickname for Korea's growing contingent of cloned, drug-detecting dogs which have been deployed to international airports around the country.

Our canine companions are responsible for detecting and seizing the majority of illicit narcotics and explosives that travel clandestinely through airports and other transport terminals. But training a drug-sniffing dog is no easy task and, generally speaking, only three of ten will graduate boot camp to move onto the real job. So in an effort to boost the efficacy of training, a veteran sniffer named Chase was cloned several times over, leaving Incheon airport with dozens of pre-conditioned pups. Byeong-Chun Lee of Seoul National University is responsible for efforts to clone Chase and hopes to even begin cloning dogs who are adept at "quarantine-sniffing," which involves detecting passengers who host diseases and infections.